Storage Tanks for Chemicals: Protect Your Business & Employees

No matter what industry your company serves, keeping employees, customers, clients, and others who come in or near the facility is essential. If your company produces or works with chemicals, added protection is often needed to prevent health and safety concerns. For most business owners, custom plastic tank fabrication allows them to easily construct the exact containers needed for the chemicals used in their facility. Some of the most common types of chemicals used in various industries include:

·    Magnesium Chloride

·    Sodium Hydroxide

·    Calcium Chloride

custom plastic tank fabrication

·    Sulfuric Acid

·    Liquid Fertilizer

This obviously isn’t a full list of the chemicals used in the various industries, but is among the most common. All of these chemicals should be placed into the tank and labeled with the appropriate stickers and safety labels. They all serve a different purpose but when not stored properly, put lives at risk. Only one chemical should be stored in a tank and of course, all of the warnings should be used when handling the chemical, even when it is in the storage tank. Employees should be properly trained in using the chemicals and safety around them. This ensures the safety of everyone at the facility and your business as well.

Costs of custom tanks vary according to the size, shape, type of plastic, and other factors. Rest assured that tanks are easy to create to your exact specifications in price ranges small and low so it is easy to find a tank that meets all of your needs without exceeding your budget.  There is a tank suitable to your every need, no matter what those might be. Be sure the time to compare is taken before you choose a company, however, as prices do considerably vary from one provider to another.