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Tips for Buying a Chain Link Fence

People use chain link fences at their property for a variety of purposes. Many people use the fences to mark property boundaries or to keep intruders off of their property. The fences provide this benefit without minimizing the view. If you need a chain link fence columbus ohio, the tips below will help make the purchase a little bit simpler.

·    Set a budget for the fence purchase. Chain link fences are priced low and high and without a budget, you may find that you spend more money than intended. With such a variety of fences, there is no reason to spend more money than you intended.

·    Compare all of the chain link fence options before making a purchase. All chain link fencing is created equally because it is not. The cost of the fencing ranges from $5 – $50 per square foot, so it is imperative to compare the options before spending your money.

chain link fence columbus ohio

·    Along with the costs of the actual fence, you must also keep in mind the cost to install the fence. Be sure to compare costs with a few companies before you hire.

·    Always buy a coated chain link fence. Uncoated chain links are problematic, causing issues such as rust over time. The uncoated fence requires so much more care than a coated fence. The costs of a coated fence are still reasonable and very much worth the small amount of added expense.

·    How long will the fence last? This varies from one product to another, but with proper care the average fence has a 15 – 20 year lifetime.

·    The chain link fencing style is usually sold in a standard 4′ height and comes in different lengths. If you need a different size, custom fences are also available to purchase.